Farm Life


Coming from island living to the Somerset countryside was a BIG change.  My life, up until our move, was on the tiny Island of Bermuda which is smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Just 53.3 square kilometres (20.6 square miles) – really!  Surrounded by the ocean and beautiful pink sand beaches to fields of cows and sheep.  I do love Somerset and find country living absolutely delightful but there are times when I do feel a little homesick  for my Island Home.  When those feelings come along I always do the same thing – make up a batch of Bermuda Johnny Bread.

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Egg-citement abounds at The Old Stables, not just because our brand new (very entertaining) hens have now laid two eggs but because we are now officially open for business. A business, I might add, that is going to need a lot of eggs!

When we made the big decision to leave Bermuda (where I was born and lived all my life and where Simon had spent 25 years of his life) we knew that whatever it was we were going to do we wanted to do it together and we wanted a complete life-style change. I had spent my entire working life in law firms and Simon in the supermarket industry which amounted to a lot of stress for me and long working hours/no weekends or public holidays off for him. We needed a major life adjustment!
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