Dog Friendly

We are Dog Friendly!

We are happy to welcome friendly, well behaved dogs (and their owners!) to The Old Stables.

We love dogs and have our own Golden Retriever puppy, Jasper (who is now 9 months old and seems to grow daily!), so we do understand that you would want to bring your four-legged family member on holiday with you.

We’re not steeped in policies and procedures here at The Old Stables, but please do read through our Dog Policy (below) to ensure you, your dog and our other guests have a relaxing stay.

Dog Policy:

We are happy to welcome responsible dog owners and well behaved house trained adult dogs at The Old Stables. We cannot accept dogs that are likely to be at all aggressive to other dogs or people.

We do charge an additional fee of £5.00 per night, per dog and accept no more than 2 dogs in each room.


If you want to take your dog out for a walk from The Old Stables, there are plenty of foot-paths that you can take leading out from the house.

Take a look at our blog post for more ideas on adventures to have with your pup when you visit.

Dog-friendly pubs:

The Poachers Pocket Pub at the end of our drive is very dog friendly. For pubs further afield from our location check out Doggie Pubs. There’s lots of great places a short drive away that will be happy to welcome you and your pup.

Our Policies:

We do have our own hens and request that dogs be kept on the lead at all times. There are also cows and calves in our fields that belong to our very lovely neighbour farmer. Cows can frighten easily so please do not go into the pasture with your dog.  You should also be aware of the new Mama Cows as they can be quite aggressive if you get too close to them or to their babies.  Please stay on our side of the fence at all times.  All working farm areas are strictly off-limits (for dogs and owners).

Please clear up after your dog if they make a mess on the lawn, areas surrounding The Old Stables or on any of the walking paths. You will find bio-degradable doggie waste bags in your doggie care pack in your room. All bagged dog waste should be put in the GREY bin in the garage area.

Even well trained dogs can have accidents in strange places. If this happens you will find stain remover and kitchen towel in your doggie care pack that we provide in your room.

Please ensure that your dog is dry and wipe off muddy paws before bringing them into the main part of the house. There are dog towels that you can use in the picnic basket in the entrance way. For extra muddy paws please find one of us and we can direct you to a hose pipe you can use to get the worst of the mud off!

Even though we love dogs please be aware that not everyone likes dogs. Please don’t let your dog approach any other guests unless they encourage it.

We are not able to allow dogs in the dining room at breakfast if we have other guests in. If you are the only guests staying then we are happy to waive this rule.

If you are following any marked footpaths through fields with livestock then please keep your dog on a lead. When you see lambs or calves in the fields, please avoid walking through these fields if you can.

Please don’t allow your dog on the bed or on any other furniture in the guest bedrooms or public areas.  If this does happen you may be subject to an additional charge for deep cleaning of the linens, furniture and bed.

Dogs are not permitted to be left alone in the guest bedroom when you go out during the day and evening. This is a rule that we do strictly enforce. Even the best trained dogs, who perhaps stay at home alone quite happily, may bark continually, scratch and have accidents when left in a strange place.

We don’t supply dog beds, food, food bowls or doggie toys so please bring everything you will need for your pup to be happy and comfortable.

And finally if there is anything we can do to make you and your dog’s stay more relaxing please let us know!

Are you ready to escape to the country?

A warm and friendly welcome awaits you